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"Gogyo no Kata / Sanshin no Kata" " I would like you to understand this kata (form) in the sense of kata (way). The Takagi Yoshin Master, Uryu, also comments that these methods are invincible, in a 'Gorin' section. Fighting spirit is first classified into yin fighting or yang fighting, like dragon and tigers. This is called kote kiri yoda. A dragon lies on the ground quietly, in kamae of mumyo ushimitsu (absolute darkness) as the enemy moves, you call up a cloud, whip up a wind, and use kyojitsu Tenkan Ho (divine sight) with 1000 changes and 10,000 variations. Once the truth of the sanshin no kata in which you have been training in, becomes budo taijutsu you have began training." ~ Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

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